Stop the power sell off
Stop the power sell off

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Over the past four years, the NSW Liberal-National Government has sold off half the state’s electricity network to the private sector.

In private hands, NSW has been plunged into an electricity crisis. We’re seeing large scale blackouts, longer restoration times, and increased costs to households.

And the Liberals and Nationals are not finished yet. They have squandered the money from their initial sell off on cost blowouts to WestConnex and Light Rail.

There is still a large percentage of our electricity network in public hands, but Premier Berejiklian has refused to rule out privatising the rest of the network.

If we’re going to stop prices from skyrocketing while our service gets less reliable, we need to stop them from selling off any more.

The current Liberal National Government has a agenda for privatisation. Not just in power, but also in other areas like transport. The one thing all of the government’s privatisation experiments have in common is failure.

The parts of our transport networks that have been sold into private hands are shambolic. Commuters are being forced to deal with an inferior service so the private companies can make a buck.

And the privatisation of our power network is leaving the people of NSW with higher bills and lower reliability. If more of the network is sold off, we can expect that to get even worse.

We need a long-term plan for our energy network – an end to the current Liberal Government’s the short-term privatisation plans.

Essential services like electricity need to be kept in public hands, not sold off to the highest bidder.

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