Stop the power sell off
Stop the power sell off

The NSW Liberals plan to sell of Sydney Trains.

This means higher prices and fewer services.

The NSW Liberal/National Government’s plans to privatise our rail network are an open secret.

Transport Minister, Andrew Constance, is on the record saying that he believes all transport should be private sector driven in the future. And he’s already started selling off our essential transport services around the state, with disastrous consequences.

If the NSW Liberal/National Government is allowed to privatise our rail network, commuters will suffer. Costs will increase and services will decrease.

Rail maintenance as we know it will cease to exist. Keeping costs down will trump keeping our network safe.

Commuters deserve a world-class transport system – one that is safe, accessible and affordable. That’s why we need to Stop the Rail Sell Off – for good.

Power outage hits eastern suburbs

Things are bad enough. Don't let them get worse.

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Please add your name to the petition calling on Premier Berejiklian to follow Opposition Leader Michael Daley and rule out any further privatisation of our power and rail networks. Privatisation can only mean higher prices and reduced services!