Stop the power sell off
Stop the power sell off

The NSW Liberal-National Government has sold off half of our state’s electricity.

Transgrid Sold
Ausgrid – 51% Sold
Endeavour – 51% Sold
Essential Sold

Since then, prices have sky rocketed while reliability has plummeted.

And they’re not finished with the power sell-off yet.

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There is still a large part of our electricity network in public hands.

Essential Energy, which supplies most of regional NSW is still 100% publicly owned, Ausgrid and Endeavour are also still 49% publically owned.

Power privatisation means:

Prices rises

Higher electricity prices

A less reliable network

A less reliable network with more blackouts

Massive local job losses

Massive local job losses

No control over the network

No control over the network

Power outage hits eastern suburbs

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Tell the NSW Liberal/National Government to Stop the Sell Off

Please add your name to the petition calling on Premier Berejiklian to follow Opposition Leader Michael Daley and rule out any further privatisation of our power and rail networks. Privatisation can only mean higher prices and reduced services!


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