TrueIV Bar hydration therapy is the first discreet, mobile, self-service IV Hydration units with on-site and off-site water delivery of vitamins, nutrients, antioxidants, electrolytes, and medication for various conditions. Located at the North Myrtle Beach Resort Hotel, this service provides medical equipment to deliver therapeutic treatments at the resort. This is one of the finest IV hydration units located in South Carolina, offering the latest technology to provide the highest quality medical care in an environment that is as relaxed as your own home. You will have the convenience of ordering your IV fluid from our on-site pharmacy and can be treated immediately.

Affordable IV Therapy Equipment

When ordering your IV hydration or fluid, we recommend ordering the minimum quantity of saline solution, electrolyte solution, or other medications you require through our on-site pharmacy. If you are a registered nurse with a high school diploma or higher and are registered in an approved nurse aide program, you may have the ability to schedule appointments online for patients to come in for treatment. You will have the opportunity to meet your patients and determine which treatment is right for them. This will give you the opportunity to discuss your options with the patient and the health care professional. Our physicians will help you establish an early stage of treatment and help you decide if IV hydration therapy is right for you and your patients.

We offer a wide range of medical equipment including the highest quality IV hydration therapy supplies and a complete line of other IV fluids. We provide safe and effective treatments delivered in a clean, comfortable environment that keeps our patients as relaxed and comfortable as they were when they came into the clinic. Our IV hydration systems and other medications are approved by the FDA for clinical use by certified medical professionals. We offer a 24 hour emergency hotline with trained medical professionals who are ready and available to help you throughout your treatment, no matter how urgent it may be.


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